Words Story Escape Alcatraz for PC on Windows-Mac

Words Story Escape Alcatraz for PC on Windows-Mac

Words Story Escape Alcatraz is an interesting puzzle portal which allows players to enter an epic story of a prisoner who is not guilty. A number of puzzle levels are introduced for the players. Each level has a riddle which a player has to solve in order to get to the next scene. Scenes in the game are like dodging a police officer in order to collect his keys or just finding a way to escape the prison cell in order to make future plans.

When a player chooses to start the gameplay, he/she is provided with a puzzle. Each player is given a number of empty boxes, players need to fill those empty boxes by entering the right name of the tool which will help them get to the next scene. The game tools will be of a different nature, like hammer, keys, torch etc. Gamers just need to use their thinking ability and choose to enter the right word.

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Words Story Escape Alcatraz For PC

The characters in the game are what makes the game even more piece of fun for the players. The way these epic avatars act on every scene, the way they move forth and backward, each and every part is made for the amusement for the gamers. Moreover, each player will find a friend in the story who will help him to get away from the filthy prison but a player must need to make some struggle first in order to gain the trust of the people he wants to have as companions.

Nonetheless, the storyline of the game is simple and its easily understood by the players. Imagine it by yourself, how hard it is to understand how to escape a fully guarded prison. An individual needs to face all of the challenges like making all the moves in the stealth mode, keep himself informed about all the recent activities done in the prison as well.

Words Story Escape Alcatraz For PC Download On Windows & Mac OS X

Heading to the part to help you download Words Story Escape Alcatraz. Android emulator is the only way to get an Android game or app on your PC/Laptop. So without any delay, let us take you to the necessary steps. Follow the steps below:

  • Click on the link to download Bluestacks on your PC/Laptop. (Link)
  • Once it is installed, open it.
  • Then open My Apps Tab.
  • In it, you will find the system apps folder, just open it.
  • Then click on the google play store.
  • Provide the play store with your Google ID.
  • After that, type Words Story Escape Alcatraz in the search.
  • Once you find it, open it.
  • Hit the install button and accept the installation license.
  • Once installed, you will find the icon of Words Story Escape Alcatraz in the apps folder.

Now you will be able to play Words Story Escape Alcatraz For PC. Do not forget to feedback on our page for future improvements. Thanks.

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