VPNTunnel for PC – Windows 10 & Mac

VPNTunnel for PC – Windows 10 & Mac

VPNTunnel serves best in trust of internet users. It provides the facility of security and privacy on the internet. Though, it is officially introduced to work with only smartphones. So we will provide you with a convenient way to install VPNTunnel for PC using Windows 10 & Mac. Firstly, let us provide you with little detail on VPNTunnel for Android.

What is VPNTunnel?

Many internet users access open wifi networks on a daily purpose. None of them know in what sort of trap they are stepping into. As a matter of fact, public wifis are the most favorite place for cybercriminals. They stay put to such networks in search of online preys. Its because not all internet users know about the insecurities of public wifi. So let me tell you that you connect your device with such networks, your device and the data stored in it, both become vulnerable. That’s why you are desperately in need of apps like VPNTunnel to get a safe pathway to surf the internet.

VPNTunnel for PC

Key Features of VPNTunnel

Following are the key features of the app:

  • Security & Privacy: By accessing the services of this app, a user gets to have his own VPN tunnel. Consider it as a safe way for you where no one is allowed to enter or monitor your online activities.
  • Bypass Strong Firewalls: Many of the larger industries have set restrictions on their internet routers. So if you are one of them to access such internet connections with restriction, you will find this app very helpful. After you connect your device with VPNTunnel, it becomes impossible to see what you are doing on the internet. Go visit any sort of website or social media app while being at the office or at school.
  • Ultra-Fast Surfing: Many of the internet users face a similar difficulty in low-speed browsing. In this app, such difficulty is removed. Now, users are provided with a fast internet connection.
  • Connect Conveniently: With VPNTunnel, it has become very easy for an internet user to get a safe & secure internet connection. Just tap on the connect button and you are on the go.

VPNTunnel Outline:

VPNTunnel is a best free VPN app which is made for the ease of internet users. This VPN app does not require any sort of registration process to work. Fortunately, users are provided with unlimited bandwidth and they are allowed to access any sort of web and social media portal as they desire. Live stream videos or download them to watch while being offline, there is no restriction drafted for a user of this astounding app.

VPNTunnel for PC Alternatives:

How To download VPNTunnel for PC Using Windows 10 & Mac

As you know, you are about to download an Android app for PC. For such a cause, you will have to acquire the services of an Android emulator. Consider Android emulator as a third-party app which allows you to access Android apps on PC. As there are many emulators in the market, we are going to use BlueStacks to download VPNTunnel for PC on Windows 10 & Mac.

VPNTunnel for Windows

VPNTunnel for PC Using BlueStacks

  • Download and Install Bluestacks on PC, Laptop. (Download Link)
  • When installed, open Google Play Store.
  • Make a search of VPNTunnel in the Play Store.
  • Click on the install button and wait for a while.
  • After installation, the icon of VPNTunnel will start to appear on the Home interface of BlueStacks.

Now, you have downloaded VPNTunnel for PC successfully. Stay tuned for similar guides and do not forget to feedback in the comments box below. Thank you.



VPNTunnel comes as an internet tool which provides the services of security on the internet. Users can easily connect with other country IP addresses easily. Afterward, users are allowed to bypass geographical restrictions to access variant websites and social media platforms.

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