Thop TV App Review – How to Download it for PC and Mac

Thop TV App Review – How to Download it for PC and Mac

thoptv-for-pc-windows-macWatching TV has become one of the entertaining hobbies that most people are embracing. That is why you will find platforms like YouTube, adding up their number of viewers every day. Apart from watching movies or TV shows online, watching general TV programs has also become a favorite for most people.

If you love watching TV at home chances are that you have run out of channels to watch and now you are watching most TV shows online. Looking for TV channels online can be a real pain. Fortunately, some applications minimize the work for you by storing many channels all under one roof. An example of such an app is the THop TV for PC. We are going to enlighten you more on this app and get to know how you can download it on your PC.

About ThopTV

ThopTV is an application Android users can use to watch movies, films, TV shows, and many others from any channels in the world. The app also allows you to watch your favorite movies by giving you access to movie channels from all over the world. ThopTV is free of charge such that you can enjoy all of these channels at no cost at all.

There may be paid channels that you cannot watch because you have not paid for the subscription of the channel. However, with ThopTV, you can easily watch these paid channels for free. The application is like your little TV in your pocket. All you have to do when you have this application is search for the channel you want, and you can start watching from your phone.

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There are all kinds of channels on ThopTV, such as sports channels. Movie channels, music channels, and many more channels. All you have to do is type in the name of the channel that you want to watch, and all will be well.

You must, however, note that if specific channels are not working in your country, they will not function in ThopTV too. However, if you need to watch such channels, you can consider using a VPN, which will help you in bypassing the restriction.

ThopTV app details

Name: ThopTV
Size: 16.2 MB
Developer: Thopster Athen
Version: v26.0
Price: FREE
Category: Entertainment

How to download ThopTV on your PC

As stated above, ThopTV is designed to work on Android phones only. For you to download and install ThopTV on your PC, you have to use an emulator to download the app. There are many emulators, but the most prominent among the pack is BlueStacks.


We are going to give you a step by step process on how to download the app on your PC.

  • Download and install the emulator on your computer.
  • Open the emulator and download the ThopTV APK.
  • Click on the APK, and the app will start installing.


1. How do I watch ThopTV on my PC?

ThopTV app is designed to work on Android devices you need to download an emulator to download and install ThopTV for you to download the app on your PC.

2. How do I install ThopTV?

If using an Android Smartphone, you will only need to download the app from Google play store. If using an iPhone, you can get it from AppStore, and if you are using a PC, you can download it from any store but with the use of an Android emulator.

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3. How do I download content from THOP TV?

With ThopTV, it will be quite difficult to download content from ThopTV, but you can freely watch any channels that you want.

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