Send Anywhere (File Transfer) for PC, Windows

Send Anywhere (File Transfer) for PC, Windows

Send anywhere is the best alternative to Shareit, the famous file transfer app. Suh files are the requirement of people now. Because the WhatsApp Messenger file size limitation is irritating the users. They want an app where they can freely transfer the data in GB’s. For such Purpose, Send Anywhere is the most suitable app. Although this app is only made for the Android supported smartphones. By using this tutorial users can use Send Anywhere for PC without any complication.

Are your worrying about how to transfer data from Android to Android? Send Anywhere is here to finish you a headache. Even it is faster than the downloading backup procedure. we use to change our smartphone time by time. If anyone wants to transfer data, files folders from an old smartphone to a new one. Download Send anywhere on Both app and let the transportation of data be easy for you.

What files are supported by Send Anywhere? 

Other than some built-in stock apps and software, you can transfer any type of data. it supports mp3, mp4, vlc videos, no matter how much they are in size.

PDF, Documents, Texts, Notes and other written stuff can be easily transferred through it.

Full installation packages, such as Apk files, Mod Apk’s, vault and encrypted packages are allowed to transfer.

Audio files such as downloaded songs, ringtones (including stock) and voice notes can easily share with others.

Wallpapers, images (Webp, PNG, JPEG), Magazines images support.

Full Fledge third-party app transfer like Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram Photo Vaults are allowed to transfer.

Maximum file size and secure transfer:

Encryption of files and folders while the transfer is necessary. Send Anywhere is the one which brings these features. Not all apps give you this feature only best file transfer apps offer such awesome feature. Data in the air is the property of none, anyone can get it. So Send Anywhere secure your files by 6 digit code. There is a thing which makes you stunned. Have you heard that you can transfer file of 50 GB at once? Even smartphones total storage capacity is less than this. Only Send Anywhere can make this task smooth and soft like Marshmallow for you.

Download Send Anywhere for PC (Windows-Mac)

This application can now also be used on PC devices with the help of Android Emulator. This third-party software let you run Android Apps and Games on PC. Similarly, it also lets you run Send Anywhere for PC on both Mac and Windows. Below you can see instructions which let you download Send Anywhere for PC and Laptop for free.

Send Anywhere for PC

Install Send Anywhere on Windows 10, 8, 7 – Mac OS

Follow these easy steps in order to install Send Anywhere for PC both Windows and Mac.

  • First of all, Download Nox App Player on your Windows or Mac PC.
  • After downloading Nox. Install it on your PC.
  • Once done, now you will see the main homepage of Nox Emulator.
  • From Homepage click on Google folder and then select Google Play Store App.
  • Enter Google ID or Account to activate Play Store services.
  • Once you have entered your Gmail ID. Now you will see the interface of Play Store. It is just like an Android Smartphone.
  • To install Send Anywhere For PC. From Play Store go to search enter Send Anywhere > click search icon > Hit Install > Confirm Install > Click Open“. (You can also use Send Anywhere on PC by going to the main homepage of the emulator)

This is how you can download and install Send Anywhere For PC. For queries and issues use the comment section below. We reply to you as soon as possible.



Where no limitations are applied by Send Where, exactly they let its users free of Boundaries. Because this app doesn’t bound senders and receiver to must be close to each other. You can send your data anywhere in the world with full security protocols. Just need to set a six-digit password and only tell this code to the receiver. When he receive file through WiFi. He can enter the code and download your sent data.

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