Rise of Civilizations for PC – Windows & Mac

Rise of Civilizations for PC – Windows & Mac

Our guide will help you download and play Rise of Civilizations for PC. As the Rise of Civilizations does not come up with an official version for Windows PC or Laptops. So we will provide you with an easy and simple guide to get the job done conveniently. Though we are going to discuss a little on Rise of Civilizations game first.

Rise of Civilizations Storyline:

Let us take you to a few decades back, there was a time when most of the people acted like savages. They used to kill others who offended them without any questions asked. Mankind was desperately in need of leaders who could lead them away from the age of savages. From here when the Rise of Civilizations started. But when the leaders started to conquer more n more lands. Our world was divided into two civilizations, one was eastern and the other was western. Both of the civilizations ruled according to the rules set by their emperors or kings. However, if you want to rejoice as being a part of such amenities, I would suggest you play Rise of Civilizations. Because it contains a similar storyline.

Rise of Civilizations for PC

Rise of Civilizations Gameplay:

In Rise of Civilizations, every gamers goal is to start a civilization of his own. As he is living in an age which is not well-mannered, he must try to find the right means to set the strings in the right way. To do so, the first thing which requires the attention of a gamer is to make a choice, either he wants to be a part of the east side or wish to be one of the western. Either way, he will have to start building things which will help him survive the savage attacks. For such a cause, a player should know that he cannot do it, because how is it possible to fight a bunch of barbarians with no troops by his side. So you must start gathering troops after you are done in creating a small territory of your own.

It’s obvious that none of your people and your troops are gonna survive without food. So in order to have them alive and kicking, you must gather some supplies to put in their bellies. There are two ways to gather food and weapon sullies in the game. The first one is by getting them by yourself by doing hours search and struggle in the forest. The second one is by attacking the other territories and getting what they have. Each way is best but if you are willing to get the right means with less struggle, getting it from other amenities works best.

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You may have guessed so far that CLONEit is officially introduced to work with smartphones. So there is no official version of CLONEit for PC. Not to worry, you can always download & install such apps on Windows PC or MacBook. To do so, you will have to access the services of a third-party software known as Android emulator. We are going to talk about installing CLONEit for PC using NoxPlayer.

Rise of Civilizations for Windows

Download Puffin Web Browser for PC Using NoxPlayer

  • Download & Install Noxplayer on your Desktop or Laptop device. (Download Link)
  • After downloading the .exe file, open it to start installing NoxPlayer on your device.
  • When installed, open it and access Google Folder.
  • Navigate to Google Play Store and make a search of Puffin Web Browser.
  • Now its time to hit the install button and accept the installation process.
  • Depending on the speed of your internet, the icon of Puffin Web Browser will start to appear on the home interface of NoxPlayer.

Now, you have successfully installed Puffin Web Browser for PC. Access it to enjoy fast surfing speed and total privacy on the internet. Stay tuned for similar guides and do not forget to feedback in the comments box below. Thanks.



Rise of Civilizations is a strategy game which satisfies every need of a strategy fan. Gamers who always wanted to become a leader of a whole amenity, this game is definitely the right choice for them. Though as the name suggests, players can decide to become a leader of any civilization they want to, like Japan, British, Islam, and many others. As it is a free game, there are online ads which you can also remove by getting the paid game version.

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