IP Cam Soft Lite for PC, Windows & Mac – Download

IP Cam Soft Lite for PC, Windows & Mac – Download

There is not a single area in the world which is saved from crime. Every day many people became victims of crime this results they get loose from their valuable objects. Security guards and CCTV Cameras are 2 measures which can save us from unfavorable situations. A large number of populations are already using security cameras. If you are also one of the camera users, try the IP Cam Soft Lite on smartphones. A smartphone screen is the only way by which user can monitor the live footages any time and anywhere. Link IP Cameras with IP Cam Soft Lite and view the surveillance videos anywhere.

Best IP Camera Viewer app:

IP Cam Soft Lite is the production of IPCamSoft.com. A highly reputed camera services providers in the field. A number of cameras are not a big problem, but WiFi or Mobile data must be stable. Every IP cam video tab appears in app individually. Camera models and generation is more important than app features. If anyone wants to see IP Cam Soft Lite key features? here they are.

  • Monitoring of videos is easier.
  • Motion detection feature is available.
  • Supports all sensors and attachments.
  • Voice communication is also allowed (If your camera has a voice system).
  • Support more than 600 different camera brands.
  • Tilt option to maximize screen.
  • Zoom-in to focus on specific objectives.

IP Cam Soft Lite for PC

Useful Tips about IP Cam Soft-Lite:

♠ Use WiFi instead of using Mobile Data. Mobile data consumes so much MB’s, especially when users are watching a video of a type. Very less number of users have unlimited mobile data, that’s Why WiFi is best. WiFi with IP Cam Soft Lite doesn’t cost so much.

♠ For a better experience and clear video surveillance, get IP Cam Soft Lite for PC. On Big Screen, users can clearly see through camera even a tiny object is clearly visible while using IP Cam Soft Lite on Windows or Mac systems.

Drawback: IP Cam Soft Lite doesn’t give any kind of Storage for keeping a backup of recordings. So video consumes space on mobile internal Storage. If anyone wants to get surveillance tools with cloud storage. Use SuperLive Pro for PC or HIK Connect for PC.

Installing IP Cam Soft Lite for PC, Windows:


Prerooted BlueStacks

  1. Download BlueStacks or it’s pre-rooted version from the above links.
  2. After Downloading, run the setup to start the installation.
  3. Wait until the installation process gets completed.
  4. Open the emulator, it will demand some formalities. First, select the Language.
  5. Sign in with the existing Google Playstore ID or create a new one.
  6. After signing in, the Android screen will appear.
  7. There will be Google Play icon on it. Click on it and enter the IP Cam Soft Lite and click on search.
  8. After finding it, open the IP Cam Soft Lite and click on install button.
  9. Wait for installation, then open the app and enjoy the big screen fun.

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