Installing AVPN for PC, Windows & Mac – Guide

Installing AVPN for PC, Windows & Mac – Guide

AVPN is a new VPN tool, not popular but an emerging one. VPN apps usage is so common now. Probably every smartphone user has added a VPN to his/her apps collection. Such tools are not just useful for unblocking, also let us secure our privacy. On DroidsPC we come every day with useful apps and entertaining games. Now users are getting awareness about privacy issues, leaking, tracing etc. So they demand only that VPN app which is 100% secure and private. AVPN exactly matches the criteria to be called a secure VPN. Although the AVPN tool is made for Android, but PC users can get AVPN for PC through this tutorial.

AVPN an unblocking and security specialist!

Unblocking is not the only factor for users attraction here. Security and privacy maintenance is also an important element of this app. On Google Play, AVPN makers have given a statement.

It is our duty to provide a product of the highest quality, and have a professional, as well as friendly customer service alongside it.

AVPN unblocking is fast and stable. It hasn’t set traps or give fake features to grab money from users. We can get the popular locations like the USA, UK from any VPN app. But countries like Sweden, South Africa are rarely available in any VPN app. AVPN offers these countries and their location servers luckily. Your government and ISPs are not letting you enjoy the true internet freedom! Don’t worry AVPN will help you experience all social media entertainment which other citizens are already doing.

One of the main purposes of using AVPN i.e it never compromises of users privacy. You can’t get what we waiting until you try AVPN. Experience what the real dedications are? Keep Anonymous mask on your access while browsing and streaming. Safe yourself from ISPs and agencies observation. It hides your IP address through multiple selves generated fake IPs. Overwhelm all geographical restrictions, which you don’t want. Unblock VK, Facebook, Youtube, and VoIP, if they are not available in your region. This offers is also applicable in the UAE States.

  • In case of any issue with the app, you can contact on AVPN Customer Support. Their representative is 24/7 online.

AVPN, a limitation breaker:

For users who have purchased subscriptions, there are no limitations. Not demand money in the starting. First users can try the free trial period. If they get satisfied with AVPN services, shouldn’t feel hesitation in paying for reasonable services.

  • Connection time is unlimited, From minutes to hours, hours to days. The connection will remain stable and working.
  • From MBs to GBs, from GBs to TBs data usage doesn’t matter in AVPN. Unlimited bandwidth and data usage is assurity of AVPN.


Install AVPN for PC Supporting Windows and Mac OS:

Step 1: First of all, need to download BlueStacks from the official site. Here is the Download (Link) of BlueStacks.

Step 2: Run the BlueStacks Setup.exe to start the extraction of BlueStacks files.

Step 3: After extraction BlueStacks starter screen will appear with an Install button. Click on Install button to Install BlueStacks on PC and to configure BlueStacks with PC.

Step 4: Log-in Google Android account, enter your Gmail ID & password.

Note: Don’t have Google Account? Create a new one. Just click on Create new account.

Step 5: Install AVPN for PC

  • Once registered, Open the Playstore (My Apps > System Apps > Playstore). Type AVPN on PlayStore search bar, press enter button or click on the search icon.
  • Select the AVPN by AVPN Security Tools. official developers.
  • Click on Install Button.

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