iDVR PRO Viewer For PC – Best CCTV DVR App

iDVR PRO Viewer For PC – Best CCTV DVR App

iDVR PRO Viewer app helps users to manage and control the workings of Spycams. It does not require heavy machinery, wires, and cable for live surveillance. It allows live feedings on Smartphone with the help of internet connection. The usage of wires and cables are eliminated through this app. It uses the internet connection and the IP address of cam to control operations. To use the app you have to enter the IP address of cam. Once done, tap on the option of save the cam in order to get live surveillance. iDVR PRO Viewer also works on 3G and 4G connection.

This application comes with two main features; one is IPC control and other is DVR management. The DVR feature of the app helps users to record live videos of the cam. These videos are stored in the app and can be viewed anytime without an internet connection. All saved videos include options of the video player. Moreover, you can also take screenshots while viewing them. The screenshot feature also works on live streaming of cam. Furthermore, the iDVR-PRO Viewer app comes with a motion detector feature. This feature notifies users immediately whenever the cam detects motion in the cam video. iDVR-PRO Viewer gives results of video in 720p and 1080p.

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iDVR-PRO Viewer For PC

(Important Note: This application only works with limited models of iDVR. Supported models are iDVR-PRO8, iDVR-PRO16, iDVR-PRO4A, iDVR-PRO8A, iDVR-PRO16A, iDVR-PRO4M, iDVR-PRO8M, iDVR-PRO16M, iDVR-PRO8H, iDVR-PRO16H)

How to Download iDVR PRO Viewer for PC (Windows 7, 8, 10 – Mac)

Like Android devices, this application also works on Windows and Mac device. But to use iDVR-PRO Viewer For PC you have to download Android Emulators on PC. Below you can see a complete guide on how you can download and install iDVR-PRO Viewer For PC on both Windows and Mac Operating System.

#1: Download and Install Android Emulator on PC

Android Apps and Games runs on PC only through Android Emulator. So download and install Android Emulator on your PC. (Link to download Android Emulator)

#2: To download iDVR PRO Viewer App Setup Google Play Store and Services

After complete installation, open the emulator. From the homepage select Google Folder and then click Google Play Store. Enter your Gmail ID to active Google Services.

#3: Install iDVR PRO Viewer For PC 

After entering your Google Account. Now you can install iDVR PRO Viewer For PC through Play Store. (Search iDVR PRO Viewer > Click Install > Click Open)

That’s it. Hopefully, you have downloaded iDVR PRO Viewer App on PC. For more updates on Android Apps and Games follow the blog. Thanks

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