How to Install & Use Microsoft Teams for PC (Windows & Mac)

How to Install & Use Microsoft Teams for PC (Windows & Mac)

Due to the Corona Virus alert all over the world, everything is Jams. Businesses, employments all are facing destruction. If people survive the Corona they will die of hunger for sure. The only thing which we can do is work from home to earn our livelihoods. App developers never leave us alone in any crisis. So when the Covid-19 news got a breakdown, developers have developed a hell of Video conference apps. The good thing is most of those apps are extremely good, Workable, and most importantly free.

What is “Microsoft Teams” and why we should use it?

When you have alot of options, “Choose the Brand”. Microsoft is one of the biggest IT firms ever came into existence. From the Windows to their latest product Microsoft Teams, they never disappoint the users.

Microsoft Team is the cloud-based video conferencing service. Now that office are closed it means every matter can be handled only online. Sharing of files, communication, strategy development these are essentials. And, you need an authentic platform through which you initiate all these matters and transactions. Most importantly, face to face conversation is a must. These all things! and just one app is enough, sounds interesting!.

How do I download Microsoft teams on my laptop or Desktop?

So, install the Microsoft Teams for PC right now. It is officially available on your computers. We are writting down both ways to download and install the Microsoft Teams for Windows 10. Microsoft Teams download for Windows 7 and Windows 8 is also possible through the guide. The macOS Mojave 10.14, macOS Catalina, and older version users can also install it through official and unofficial means.

See the official method for installing the Microsoft Teams for Personal and Office Computers. Unofficial method is located right after the below guide.

How do I get Microsoft teams on my computer?

It is the easiest way to get Microsoft Teams for PC. The creators have their official websites, and you can install this app for Laptop or desktop form there.

  • Visit the on your computer’s browser (Google Chrome recommended).
  • At the top right, an option of “All Microsoft” is located. Click on it to open the drop-down menu.

Microsoft Teams for PC

  • At the first column end, click on the Microsoft Teams option.
  • Now complete the formalities to get Signed up on the portal.
    • Email address,
    • Select from this option
      • For work, For Education or For Home.
  • Proceed Further.
  • Now either you use Web client or Microsoft Team app for Windows. It is your’s choice.

Unofficial Method to get Microsoft Teams to download for PC:

This method lets you install Microsoft Teams for PC but not through traditional ways. You can say this term a “Cross platforming”. In this method, we download Android Apps on PC. So, we are going to install Microsoft Teams for PC, which is available for Android OS. Its very simple, you only required an Android Emulator and Active Google Account.

  1. Get BlueStacks from here, You can also get pre-rooted BlueStacks from our site [Click Here]
  2. Complete the installation setup of BlueStacks.
  3. Click on the Google Play and activate your Google Account by entering Credentials.
  4. Once the account activated, search for the Microsoft Teams.
  5. Click on the install button, just like you do it on Android.
  6. Congratulations! Your Android App Microsoft Teams is ready to use on the computer.

So these are the different ways to download Microsoft Teams for PC. By the way, we suggest the first method because it is quite easy and also it’s the official one. Also, you will get the Microsoft Teams’ latest updates on time.

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