GBWhatsApp Apk on your windows PC – Guide to Download

GBWhatsApp Apk on your windows PC – Guide to Download

A person who doesn’t know about WhatsApp, either he is isolated or don’t have a smartphone. Made for competing with the standard messages app which is built-in Android smartphones. WhatsApp is ruling over communication genre on all compatible devices. There are some policies of WhatsApp which users don’t want to follow. Unfortunately, we can’t avoid those laws and policies on the official WhatsApp App. Let’s start the discussion, on GBWhatsapp for PC and what this app is capable off.

To overwhelm those restrictions there is alternate to WhatsApp known As GBWhatsApp, maybe you have already heard about it. It is the modified version of popular communication app. GBWhatsApp is not officially available on Playstore, but users can use it by Downloading GBWhatsApp Apk. See the brief guide about what GBWhatsApp can do and how to download GBWhatsApp Apk on PC.

GBWhatsapp for PC

GBWhatsApp vs Official WhatsApp:

Comparing GBWhatsApp with official WhatsApp is exactly like comparing freedom vs caged. The official app offers some features which we can’t disable. Some users are very irritated due to those features. We have compared some features below, examine than decide.

Normal WhatsApp allows hiding last seen, but from all added contacts. Whereas GB WhatsApp allows you to hide last seen from a specific person, group or all of them.

A user can disable voice and video call for a specific person. Official apps don’t allow you to do it.

WhatsApp allows recalling texts if the receiver didn’t open it yet. But receiver can clearly see the highlighted “This text was deleted”. GBWhatsApp can do the same thing but doesn’t notify the receivers about the deletion of text.

Most important feature: On GBWhatsApp users are allowed to hide blue ticks and double ticks. The sender doesn’t even let know that you have read a message or not. Even he will be in a misconception of a message hasn’t delivered yet.

Both WhatsApp and GBWhatsApp allow you to zoom profile pictures.

Modified version allows many themes for free which are not available in the official version.

GBWhatsApp Apk on PC (Self Created part). Now you can reply and read text messages on GBWhatsApp using PC. Not just texting, but also sharing and watching media files. Although Apk files are specifically designed for Android Supported device. Thanks to Android emulators we can use GBWhatsApp Apk on PC.

People who are asking can we use GBWhatsApp on PC? GBWhatsApp Apk on Windows? Or can we use GBWhatsApp Apk on Mac? It is our pleasure to answer these all questions. Here’s how to do it. Currently, I am using Windows Laptop. So I am guiding the procedure of using GBWhatsApp Apk on PC.

Installing GBWhatsApp Apk on Windows PC:

First of all, you need to pick an Android Emulators. There are plenty of Android emulators which are available for free. We are picking BlueStacks because of its incredible speed, smooth performance, and highly customized controls. By using BlueStacks you can get GBWhatsApp Apk on Windows and Mac devices. Now latest version BlueStacks 4 is here, more stable and efficient than before.

1. Download Android emulator BlueStacks from the official site (

2. Once the download completes, install BlueStacks by clicking on the setup.exe file.

3. Open BlueStacks, click on install button for configuration.

4. Let the loading bar complete after it, select suitable Language.

5. BlueStacks demands Google ID in the Starting.

6. Enter your Google Account ID and Password. Don’t worry it is secure like Android Smartphone.

7. Once formalities are fulfilled, Android alike home screen will appear.

8. Go to My Apps > System Apps > Browser.

9. Copy the Url from below GBWhatsApp Apk Button. (Smartphone users can directly install GBWhatsApp Apk from below button).

Download GBWhatsApp Apk Download GBWhatsApp Apk

10. Install GBWhatsApp Apk by clicking on the install button on the website.

11. An alert pop-up will appear, click on ok to start GBWhatsApp Apk installation.

12. It will start installing, afterward grant the necessary permission to GBWhatsApp App.

13. Open the GBWhatsApp on BlueStacks.

14. Click on Agree and Continue.

15. Enter your Number, select a cool picture for your profile.

16. Now enjoy all the distinguished features which you official WhatsApp is not giving.



We can’t guarantee about GBWhatsapp privacy and security. Till now I have not seen a single regarding GBWhatsapp security issue. Tried it personally and I found it exactly like it’s makers have mentioned in the official description. GBWahtsapp is much better than WhatsApp regular mods, at least it is highly reputed. Its users are satisfied with the performance. GBWhatsapp for PC is the best alternative to WhatsApp for PC.

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