Downloading G Cloud Backup for PC – Free Installation Guide

g-cloud-backup-for-pc-mac-windows-7-8-10-free-downloadG Cloud Backup is an application for you to create backup copies of files stored on your Android.

With him, you avoid losing data and settings due to an accident, saving a backup to a virtual disk in the clouds, provided by the tool.

To use the program you need to create an account, but don’t worry! She is mounted by the interface of the application, using the New user button and filling with the requested data.

Ensuring the data

By purchasing a smartphone, there are a number of settings and customizations involved in the process of making it our phone. In addition, at the beginning of the constant use of appliance, are also added applications and documents, often without an emergency backup. Unfortunately we are never free of contingencies: due to changes in the appliance or even an incident as a loss, you might end up running out of something important.

In addition, all contacts and settings would need to be redone in case of a problem. Therefore, the G Cloud Backup can be a very useful tool, not only helping to generate a backup of data as keeping them stored in a safe space in the clouds.

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Creating a backup

To create a backup, the first step is to complete the creation of the account, as quoted previously. Then you must choose what you want to store the program offers the possibility of storing contacts, call logs, messages, documents, browser data, system settings, photos, music and videos.

In order to run G Cloud Backup on your computer or laptop you will need to install BlueStacks App Player.

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