Download SuperLiveHD for PC, Windows – Mac

Download SuperLiveHD for PC, Windows – Mac

Introduction: The creators of marvelous CCTV surveillance tools like SuperLive Pro and SuperLive Plus also owns another similar genre tool. Many people will not know about it. Tool name is SuperLiveHD and provides you with the same service which aforementioned tools. Security cams are the much-needed equipment for improving our security. People who are conscious about their security surely use two measures. One is a security guard and other is security cam. CCTV apps give you a source of relief by providing you live footage of cams anywhere and everywhere. Home or office DVR’s and LCD’s bound you to always sit in front of them. The smartphone is a thing which is always present with you. So if you can also use the smartphone screen as a monitor, no other option can’t be better than this.

SuperLiveHD services:

SuperLiveHD is the creation of Peng Antai. Specially developed for monitoring live cam footages. If you have an extra smartphone or tablet you can make the best use of it. The best thing about this app is it still supports the oldest version of Android. Probably all other apps stopped working on an old Android version. Maybe some complications arrises but hopefully it will work better. You can adjust the video tabs. Keep the sensitive areas of your company or home at the top. Rest of the functions depends upon the camera generations which you are using. As per the app’s capabilities. It supports Direction, Zoom, Focus, Iris, Preset Points, Cruise. Your recordings are backed up properly on a cloud.


Enable the notifications to keep yourself alert 24/7. At the odd time, if someone passes in front of a camera, this app will notify you. Always keep your SuperLiveHD update for the better performance. If someone wants to communicate this app will acknowledge you through voice sensors.

Get SuperLiveHD for PC, Windows – Guide:

Install SuperLiveHD in PC, SuperLiveHD for Windows, SuperLiveHD for Mac OSX and other PC systems. Follow the below steps to download and install SuperLiveHD for PC & Windows.

Step 1: First of all you need to download BlueStacks from the official site. Here is the Download (Link) of BlueStacks.

Step 2: Run the BlueStacks Setup.exe to start the extraction of BlueStacks files.

Step 3: After extraction BlueStacks starter screen will appear with an Install button. Click on Install button to Install BlueStacks on PC and to configure BlueStacks with PC.

Step 4: Log-in your Google Android account, enter your Gmail ID & password.

Note: If you don’t have Google Account, you can create a new one. Just click on Create new account.

Step 5: Install SuperLiveHD for PC

Once you get registered on Playstore. Type SuperLiveHD on the search bar, press enter button or click on the search icon.

Select SuperLiveHD by Peng Antai.

Click on Install Button.

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