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Searching for the best alternative to Shareit? try the Share All. This app is a recommendation for users who want the fastest ways for data transferring. Get rid of Bluetooth and Messenger applications, they are not suitable for work which you are trying to do. VoIP and Social apps have imposed so many limitations on file sizes. Even some the apps don’t allow more than 17 Mb’s file size at a time. The second drawback of communication and social apps that they do partitioning of the file. You can’t send the file as a whole if it is exceeding the limit. So when we need to transfer GB’s of data, select that source which is capable of it. As per our suggestion, Share All for PC is a better choice.

Share All for PC

Transfer Stock & Third Party Apps:

Transfer of whole application was never so easy before. With the arrival of Share All, we can transfer the stock apps, downloaded apps and Apk files. File size doesn’t matter here. Freely transfer Apps and games from KBs to GBs with lightning speed. The receiver will receive app as it is on Senders end. By getting Shareall on windows, users can acquire all features of Shareall on PC. It means you can transfer files from Windows to windows. Also makes users able to transfer files from Mac to Mac.

Drawback: Share All doesn’t support cross-platform sharing. Only allows transferring files from Android to Android. That’s why we are recommending to use Share all on PC.

Advantages of using Shareall for PC:

If you download Share All on Windows PC or Mac, you can transfer files on cross Platforms.

  • Users can transfer files from Android to Windows and Vice Versa.
  • File transfer from Android to Mac and Vice Versa will be easy.

Multimedia Sharing:

This is the main point for which users will love Share All. As we have clarified before, WhatsApp and other messengers are not made for sharing a plethora of files. Only few MB’s are possible, in case if a user sends files individually. In Case, users have to transfer all data from an old smartphone to a new smartphone (Android). We need an app which is specifically made for this purpose. Share All allows transferring albums from Android to Android without partitioning. Transfer all videos, images, and documents at a time without file size restrictions.

May you haven’t noticed, Messenger apps downgrade the image quality. DSLR quality pictures look like the smartphone stock camera pictures. Share All maintains the video and image quality during transfer. The receiver will get exact same quality which sender has sent. This app supports probably all formats of images and video. In the new Share All update, users can transfer files without WiFi, Mobile data. These all features and 200 times faster than Bluetooth. What you want more? Grab this hot cake from Google Play. Share All app download and use is free.

Best alternative to Share All for PC:

Get Share All for PC, Windows – Guide:

Install Share All for PC, Share All for Windows, Share All for Mac OSX and other PC systems. Follow the below steps to download and install Share All for PC & Windows.

Share All for PC

Step 1: First of all you need to download BlueStacks from the official site. Here is the Download (Link) of BlueStacks.

Step 2: Run the BlueStacks Setup.exe to start the extraction of BlueStacks files.

Step 3: After extraction BlueStacks starter screen will appear with an Install button. Click on Install button to Install BlueStacks on PC and to configure BlueStacks with PC.

Step 4: Log-in your Google Android account, enter your Gmail ID & password.

Note: If you don’t have Google Account, you can create a new one. Just click on Create new account.

Step 5: Install Share All for PC

  • Once you get registered on Playstore. Type Share All on the search bar, press enter button or click on the search icon.
  • Select Share All by Soft Droid official developers.
  • Click on Install Button.



We all know Shareit is the biggest franchise of file transferring in Android. No apps are perfect, there is always some loop pole in it. Similarly, people are getting tired of using Share It Hotspot functions to transfer files. In this advance era, there are some apps which don’t need any connection to transfer files. Just QR Code is enough to move files between Android devices. Share All may not have the capability to compete with massive names in the business. Still, people like its simplicity, user-friendly interface and easy to use functions. The only drawback is cross-platform sharing is not available. Unless you get Share All for PC.

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