Download AllCast for PC Windows Laptop (Official)

Download AllCast for PC Windows Laptop (Official)

This tutorial includes the guide to download AllCast for PC. Furthermore, there is also a discussion about AllCast features in detail and it’s availability on Windows and Mac devices.

AllCast basically plays the role of a wireless connector from an Android smartphone to TV. In the family or friends gathering, if you want to show some photos or videos to all people at a time it will be impossible to do on smartphones. Because smartphones screens are so small, you can’t show the media content to many persons at a time. The better treatment in such situations is to connect the smartphone with television so that all members can see content at a time.

AllCast for PC

We are living in an era of connectivity. Every day we experience something new, new devices are coming constantly. Every new device is better than the previous model. No matter where you are if your internet your life will be easy. Smartphone users can never be bored. Listening to Music and watching videos are the most common hobbies. The entertainment gets double if the screen gets bigger. Converting smartphone small screen into giant size LEDs is really something exceptional.

Devices Support:

The good thing about AllCast is its versatility. It supports many operating systems and TV devices at a time. As per the official description, this app supports Chromecast, Apple TV, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Roku, WDTV, Samsung, Sony Panasonic, and many other DLNA Renderers. The only problem is that AllCast TV free version has the time limit of 5 mins. After that, users have to connect this app again from begining. To remove this limitation users has to pay an amount for the pro version.

AllCast for PC availability?

We haven’t seen any official version of AllCast for PC. That doesn’t mean we can’t download AllCast on Windows or Mac. There is a way in which users can accomplish this task. Not directly but through software, we can get this brilliant app on PC, Laptop or Desktop.

Download AllCast for PC:

Name AllCast
Author  ClockworkMod
Genre Video Players & Editors
File Size  7.3 MBs
Requirements Windows 7/8/10
Pricing  Free
In-App Purchases Optional

How to Install AllCast for PC:

AllCast app is specifically designed for Android and iOS devices. As we have already discussed the availability of AllCast for PC in the above paragraph. We were talking about the software and that software is known as Android Emulator.

So, viewers, we have already discussed Android Emulators for 1000 times. Just writing a short introduction of Android Emulators for new users. Android emulators are software which brings the Android OS on PC. We can experience 2 operating systems on PC & Laptop at a time. It’s easy to download Android apps and games for PC using emulator.

Trendsetter can never be crossed in any field. In Android emulators, BlueStacks was the trendsetter of this concept. Till now, BlueStacks is the fastest and most stable among all, best Android companion for Windows. So we suggest using BlueStacks to download and install AllCast for PC.

  1. Download an emulator of your choice, the author is picking BlueStacks.
  2. Next, to download there is an installation of emulator on the device. Rest of the function is the same as Android smartphones first time turning on.
  3. We need to select the language in emulator.
  4. Connect the emulator to working WiFi for proceeding further.
  5. Enter Google Account (Existing), it is safe and secure.
  6. After completing these formalities we will come on BlueStacks home the screen.
  7. Navigate to My Apps > System Apps > Google Play.
  8. Search for AllCast and install it. Remember, the official developer of this app is ClockworkMod.

In Conclusion

AllCast is perfect to create a partnership between smartphones and Televisions. Every good thing never comes for free, the same case goes with AllCast. This app free version expires after 5 minutes each time you connect it with TV. To avoid this disturbance, users just need to pay a tiny amount. Just imagine that you can watch movies on TV through ShowBox, Cinema Box or Mega Shows app on the smartphone.

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