CASE Animatronics Horror game For PC (Windows-Mac)

CASE Animatronics Horror game For PC (Windows-Mac)

CASE Animatronics Horror game by Azur Interactive Games Limited is a horror escape platform. Players will act as a detective who is found himself stuck in the headquarters. You as being detective had the chance to leave the building but you did not. Because now there is a destructive robot in the building. There was a package delivered in the building by some unknown source. Nobody knew that what terror this big box had inside it. The main problem is that this tech robot has hacked into your headquarter servers. So now everything is on lockdown.

Here comes your goal, you are the one who is holding the manual in his hands. But you need to get yourself to the server room in order to reboot the server. So you need to find a safe pathway to the server. Because if you get caught, your gameplay will end on the spot. On your way to the server room, you will overcome a number of pathways. Not all of them will be safe for you. But you cannot know until you see them by yourself. Try all of them one by one, because only one pathway can lead you to escape the building.

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CASE Animatronics Horror game For PC

Moreover, you know there is a way to stop the robot. For that, you are going to find its remote. But it will not be a piece of cake for you to find it. You will have to look out for the clues, search different rooms etc. But once you find the remote, it will become very easy for you to complete your gameplay.

However, there are lots of things in the game which you get to enjoy. Just in case you are willing to have for fun, you can choose to solve puzzles. To solve puzzles, you just need to look for the answers in the right place. Once you have discovered the first clue, it will become very easy for you to solve the whole puzzle.

CASE Animatronics Horror game For Windows & Mac On PC/Laptop

As you know that this game is available on smartphones but you can also play Live or Die Survival For PC with the help of Android emulator. For that particular purpose, you need to install the emulator on your PC/Laptop. Follow the steps below in order to download and install CASE Animatronics Horror game For PC running Windows and Mac OS:

  • First, download Bluestacks on your PC. (Link)
  • After installation, open the emulator.
  • Click on my apps menu.
  • Hit the system apps.
  • Open Google play store.
  • Provide your google email in it.
  • Search for CASE Animatronics Horror game in the search menu.
  • Open the game and hit the install button.
  • Click on the accept button and wait till the installation complete.
  • When the downloading is complete, click open to play CASE Animatronics Horror game For PC.
  • The icon of the game also appears in my apps folder.

That’s all, if you face an issue while installing CASE Animatronics Horror game For PC then let us know in the comments below. Thanks.

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